How to summarize a list in Inflex

Open up Inflex.

  1. Hit the List button.
  2. Hit the + button to add a row.
  3. Hit the yellow box to put in a number.
  4. Type in 123 and hit Enter.
  5. Repeat adding a couple more rows of numbers: 456, 789.
  6. Click the (unnamed) bit of the box and type in list and hit Enter, so we’re naming the cell “list”.

Now we use it:

  1. Hit the Formula button to make another cell.
  2. In the new cell’s white box, type li and when the word list appears, press Enter (or on your tablet, tap it).
  3. Then type the period key: .
  4. Now type su and you’ll see sum appear. Hit Enter again.
  5. Finally, write () which, like in Excel, means “use this function”.
  6. On your screen you should see list.sum().
  7. Hit enter.
  8. You should see #ok 1146.
  9. There’s a little triangle at the top-left of the cell, click that to change the formula again.
  10. Hit backspace until you have list. and type max and hit Enter when you see maximum and then type () and hit Enter.
  11. Repeat the same process with average, minimum and length.

Now you know how to summarize a list in Inflex.