Elevator pitch for Inflex

The pitch for Inflex is easily summarized in three areas:

  • Correctness: It’s a reactive digital workspace just like Excel, but built upon principled foundations which include correctness checks (static types), revision logs of changes, the ability to pin down dependencies that don’t change under your feet, explicit decimal place precision, and discourages duplication of logic seen in spreadsheets.

  • Progression: For expertise, from basic calculations to advanced programming. There is no cliff like in other products (where you switch from formulas to VBScript/JavaScript). Learn one language once and achieve everything you need from simple prototypes to complex production services.

  • Flexibility: As in “real” programming, there are more types of data than a table/grid. A social network is a network. A medical record is a record. A family tree is a tree. These are totally every day ideas and deserve their own visual representation. Why should users be limited to a grid?